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Power Flushing

Before starting up new lubrication systems (hydraulic, thermal, etc.), power flushing will dislodge the dirt remaining in the pipes such as welding debris, dust and grease that could contaminate the lubricant and damage the equipment.

Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning

After a few years, a significant amount of residue usually builds up in large tanks, which reduces the life of the equipment and the performance of the lubricants. Regular cleaning will improve lubrication conditions. The most common types of residue include:

Water Separation

Most often when lubricants are contaminated, it is water that causes the most damage and is the most expensive to manage. Our services will help you reduce these costs by eliminating this contaminant directly using a variety of methods (absorption, decantation, evaporation) according to the most effective method under your particular operating conditions.

Prefiltration of New Lubricants

Contrary to popular belief, new industrial lubricants do not usually meet the cleanliness standards (ISO Code) required by equipment manufacturers. A few years ago some companies started requiring pre-filtered lubricants to meet their internal standards and improve their practices. We have developed tools and methods to pre-filter a wide variety of industrial lubricants that we can then certify and deliver on a contract basis. Alternatively, we can also set-up efficient systems for pre-filtration at your site.

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