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Analytical Services (Lubricant Analyses)

The LTI Group’s laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge lubricant analysis equipment. Our goal is to solve problems at the source.


Whether the results of an analysis are truly representative is directly related to the quality of the sample. Qualified experienced technicians direct the sampling process to ensure the analysis is meaningful. The LTI Group also visually inspects the equipment and operating conditions to ensure that it has all the information it needs to make the best diagnoses.

Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Analyses

Delivered by a team of conscientious and dedicated professionals, the lubricant analysis service is the cornerstone of the Industrial Tribology Program developed by the LTI Group. Each sample that comes into the laboratory is handled following rigorous, approved procedures (ASTM, ISO, etc.).

Diagnoses and Recommendations

During program implementation our team will explain the results of the analyses and recommend corrective action.

Web Portal

Web Portal

On our secure Web portal, customers can consult and manage the analysis results, lubricants, actions taken, sampling schedules, previous results and recommendations from the LTI Group.

The portal also contains a system for rating the analytical results that can be used to set priorities and make effective decision-making easier.

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